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Egypt resorts

Egypt is one of the largest Arabian states. Geographically, Egypt belongs to two continents: it is located in the northeast of Africa and on the Sinai peninsula, which is in Asia. In the West, Egypt borders with Libya, in the South, with Sudan, and in the East, with Israel. In the North, the country is washed by the Mediterranean, and in the East, by the Red Sea.

The area of the country is some 1001450 sq. km. Its greater part (96%) consists of a desert, and only 4% are occupied by fertile grounds on the coast of Nile, the longest river on the Earth (its length is 6671 km). The geographical image of Egypt is determined by the five main types of landscape: the delta of the Nile, the valley of the Nile, the Arabian Desert, the Libyan Desert, and the Sinai.

The most part of the territory of Egypt is occupied by an almost deserted uninhabited plateau, less than 10% is the delta and the valley of the river Nile. To the West of the Nile, boundless plains of the stony Libyan Desert are located. A significant part of the Libyan Desert is occupied by sand. To the East from the valley of the Nile are located the open spaces of The Arabian Desert, which represents a plateau, separated by numerous deep gorges, named uadi. the most part of the Sinai Peninsula is occupied by a deserted plateau Et-Tikh. In the South of the peninsula you may find mountains. In this part of the country there is the highest mountain in Egypt located, Gebel-Catherine (2637 m).

Dakhab is one of the cult places among admirers of diving and surfing. Thousands of people come here just the same as once adventurers were attracted by gold mines. Well, it is not in wane that Dakhab means "gold" in Arabian. The beaches of Dakhab are sandy, and azure water of the gulfs emphasizes the golden color of the sand even more.

Dakhab is a small resort town, located 90 kilometers off the Sharm El Sheikh airport. Yet only ten years ago Dakhab was an unnoticeable Bedu settlement on the Sinai Peninsula.

In clear weather conditions, from Dakhab you may see the mountainous on the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Hotels of Dakhab are located on the coast of the gulf separated from the sea by a wide sand bar. The nature has created in this place perfect conditions for wind surfing. Here you will not find huge waves, but the wind, without which wind surfing is impossible, blows almost constantly. Usually, the waters of the lagoon are ploughed by dozens of surf boards with multi-colored sails like wings of butterflies.

This resort is also ideally suitable for recreation with children: in fact, hotels contain everything for this purpose.

Luxor is the most popular tourist center of Egypt. Here the antiquity of the Egyptian land is felt, and legends sort of become alive, because literally under each house of the city there are bases of ancient temples and palaces, avenues of sphynxes and fragments of statues...

In this small city, 650 km to the south of Cairo, the spirit of the majestic past of the country still soars. Here once was the great capital of the Ancient Greek state, which the ancient Egyptians named Uaset, the Greeks named Thebes, and arabs al Uxur ("palaces"). The ancient Thebans frequently called in texts their native land simply Niut ("city").

The history of Thebes goes to the darkness of the centuries: the first mentions of the city were kept in the texts dated back to the IIIrd millenium BC. However, the magnificent blossoming of the city was preceded with long history. In 21 century BC its is for the first time, for a small term, becomes the capital of pharaons of the XI dynasty of the Middle Empire. During this epoch, in Thebes, active erection of monumental sanctuaries to gods and dead tsars began. With the beginning of the New Empire, in the 16th century BC for the city the period of the highest blossoming begins. Even the later centuries, during the Greek-Roman time, when the capital was transferred to Alexandria, Thebes kept the role of the largest cultural and religious center of Egypt.

Today, Luxor is a modern city located 700 km off Cairo and 280 km off Hurgada. After the Cairo turmoil, the quiet and cosy Luxor is the most fascinating and interesting place in Egypt.

Marsa Alam is the most fashionable resort for Europeans, it is paradise for divers, these are the best hotels and the best beaches of Egypt, this purest and warm sea!

Marasa Alam is a young, but very perspective resort, which is starting to get popularity on the tourist market. It is at southern coast of Red sea, 240 km from Hurgada. In the future year here is planned to open an airport. Now tourists are delivered to the resort from Hurgada with a free-of-charge bus. On all the way a magnificent view of the Red sea opens.

The main advantage of this resort is the cleanest sea and the virgin underwater world.

Having a rest in Marsa Alem can be recommended for amateurs of scuba diving, as the sea and the underwater world on this part of the coast make the main attractive side of the resort: untouched coral reeves, the richest underwater fauna

Nuveiba is famous for the sea and magnificent beaches. It is a resort for quiet family rest at the sea, and also for those who prefer water kinds of sports.

Once small and cozy small town, Nuveiba is now one of the well-known resorts located on the Sinai Peninsula 185 km to the north of Sharm El Sheikh.

This small town is stretched along the delta of the river Uadi Vatyr 85 km to the north of Dakhab, and is a port, and a resort zone. For centuries Nuveiba plaid a strategic role in the pilgrimage to Messa.

Hotels are located on the coast with fine sandy beaches and palm trees. Nuveiba is well-known for the unique beauty and a variety of corals that create fine conditions for scuba diving.

Nuveiba is the most family resort on the Sinai.

Hurgada is a well-known tourist center on the coast of the Red sea. Here the whole year round shines the sun, the climate is dry so the heat is not felt even in summer months, the sea is pure and rich with sea flora and fauna, which creates fine opportunities for surfing and scuba diving.

The city and resort of Hurgada is located 500 km to the southeast of Cairo on the coast of the Red Sea. In the coldest month, February, the temperature of sea water on the coast of Hurgada does not fall below +20?, +22?, and air gets warm up to +23?, +25? and above. In the hottest month, August, the temperature of the water, as a rule, does not fall below +28?, and the air is usually not above +35?.

It is necessary to remember that the climate of Egypt is exclusively dry, and even summer heat is transferred to resorts of the Red Sea easier, than on resorts of the Mediterranean, where, as known, it is damp climate. Besides, the constant sea breeze, typical for Hurgada, makes pleasant any stay on the beach even in hot summer months.

Practically, all hotels of Hurgada are adapted for family recreation. The personnel of hotels has a sufficient reserve of phrases to have a talk with representatives of any European country. Among foreign tourists, local jeweler shops, where it is possible to purchase inexpensive, but beautiful products from gold and silver, enjoy big popularity.

Meals in hotels, as well as on other Egyptian resorts, is organized by the "buffet" principle, and the assortment differs by the variety and amount, many vegetables, fruit, fish are offered. The breakfast and supper, as a rule, are included into the cost of the tour. It is possible to have a bite in the afternoon in one of the numerous small restaurants located both in hotels, or oftenly directly on beaches, and in the old, exotic part of the city.

In the southern part of Hurgada there is a legendary palace "A Thousand and One Night ", constructed in the style of an eastern Disneyland where every evening takes place dramatized representations relating the life in Egypt during the epoch of pharaons. In the same place there is one of the most magnificent hotels of Hurgada, stylized as a palace of the sultan, with a lot of gift shops and restaurants.

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The open spaces surrounded by mountains remind of a lunar landscape, absence of any cities, factories, plants makes this resort ecologically clean and fills with calmness.

The contrast to this great beauty of mountains and desert are literally buried in the verdure and flowers of the territory and gardens of hotels which actually make up this resort. A variety of strange flowers, emerald greens of lawns, trees and palm trees, burdened with hanging down dates, spacious beaches with soft and warm sand, the turquoise sea and blue lakes of pools: all of this is in an original contrast, and simultaneously in a surprising harmony with multi-colored canyons, fantastic rocks, and yellow sand

Now, Sharm El Sheikh is one of the cheapest and popular resorts of Egypt. Absence of a city where the local population lives, is replaced by a diversified infrastructure of comfortable hotels and tourist services. Presence of a huge number of restaurants with the most various cuisines will pose you a great problem, the a problem of choice.

The night life of Sharm El Sheikh is well-known for the discos, night clubs, casinos and show-rooms.

The favorite place is the "promenade", a walking road connecting all the hotels into a uniform zone of recreation. There are lots of small restaurants with various cuisines, where you may have not only a tasty supper , but also to listen to performances of actors and rock groups.

The diverse excursion program will leave indelible impression about the trip for the whole life. Besides small shops, in Sharm El Sheikh there is a duty free shop, where it is possible to buy alcoholic drinks and souvenirs.

To services of the tourists there are various sports constructions and entertainments: tennis courts, saunas are also represented, together with Jacuzzis, massage cabinets, exercise rooms, mini-golf, race horses, bicycles, jeeps, beauty salons and hairdressing salons, schools and clubs of scuba diving, masks, flippers and tubes for rent, walks on yachts, boats with a transparent bottom, water motorcycles, surfing, and parachutes, and many other things.

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