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Turkey resorts

Turkey is one of the biggest countries in Europe and in the near East. The total area of the country is some 800 thousand square kilometers.

Turkey is situated down in Western Asia and partially in Southern Europe, it is washed by the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marble and Black Seas. Its European part, named the East Thrace or Rumelia, represents a hilly plateau (1000 m above the sea level), on the north it borders with Bulgaria, on the West, with Greece. The Asian part is named Anatolia or Asia Minor, it is separated from European part by passages Bosporus and Dardanelles, it borders with Syria and Iraq in the South, Iran, Armenia and Georgia in the East.

The country is divided into 7 geographical regions: Marmara, the Ege region, the Mediterranean region (Akdeniz), the southeast region (Guney Dogu), the east region (Dogu), the Black Sea region (Karadeniz), Central Anatolia (Ic Anadolu).
The highest mountain in Turkey is the Ararat mountain in the south, nearby to lake Van, the biggest lake in the country.

Capital Ankara, Language Turkish, Religion Islam, Population 90% - Turkish, 10% - Arabic, Armenian, Jewish, Greek; Currency Turkish lyre (TRL)

Turkey is well-known for its resorts

Ankara is east mystery and a symbol of European wanderings; interesting sights and ancient monuments, exotism and tradition... Ankara is the capital of Turkey, it is located in the central part of Turkey (Anatolia), it is at the height of 850 meters above the sea level. Ankara is far from waterways, but its geographical location is difficult to call unfavorable. Ankara has been located on the crossing of land trading roads, and consequently, during the Roman times, it was a prospering political and trading center. The majority of inexpensive hotels and restaurants are located in the old Ankara, a kilometer or close to that to the northeast of the railway station. You will feel pleasure of living in Ankara, make your rest really unforgettable!

Antalya is the most popular resort of Turkey. Here you may find rich history, warm sea, tender sun, surprising beauty of nature and a modern tourist infrastructure weaved together, creating an ideal vacation place. The region, where Antalya is located, in the past times was a center of all that is mystical. Today it has the name of the "Turkish Riviera" for its archeological values and natural beauty. The city is constructed at the height of 39 meters above sea level on a stony coast and is stretched along the Antalya Gulf. Here, the ground and the sea everywhere touch the beaches extending along endless kilometers, and abrupt rocks. And the Tarossian mountains domineering over the blue sky, the coastal cliffs and deep caves only strengthen the beauty of this place, which is fantastic even without that. The weather in Antalya is typically Mediterranean, with a hot and dry summer, a moderate and rainy winter. Antalya is really an amazing place, where the summer season lasts 8-9 months a year. The modern comfortable hotels of Antalya of various categories, sports complexes, brisk night clubs, bars and restaurants, numerous shops of the resort: all of this attracts thousand of travelers from all over the world. The cleanliness of water and the beauty of the coast is the visit card of Antalya. In this aspect, it may be a good rival to expensive and far resorts of exotic islands.

Bodrum is located in a picturesque gulf and surrounds the castle of St. Peter, erected in 1406 by knights of the Order of Gospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem on the cape Zefirion. Today the castle is transformed into the Museum of Underwater Archeology, in which you may see exhibits concerning the Bronze Age. The extremely beautiful peninsula Bodrum will satisfy all the needs of those who are on a vacation. In the afternoon, you may visit the excellent sandy beaches stretched along several kilometers, and also every possible active entertainments: scuba diving, surfing, riding, tennis. The Bodrum quay for yachts is one of the best in the country. From here, you may go to fascinating voyages along the coast. Rest in Bodrum is not only beach and sea, but also an interesting excursion program. The nearest vicinity of the city includes charming small villages with dazzling white houses, plunged in the thickets of purple bougainvillea. Here, you may get acquainted with the traditional Turkish way of life and get lovely souvenirs. More distant trips will also allow you to see some historical places, for example the Hilt, Pamukkale and Dalyan, and also the Greek island of Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates. Bodrum is the favorite vacation place for the elite and bohemia for the whole Turkey. Poets and artists, writers and musicians, businessmen and patrons of art come to Bodrum to take pleasure of the magnificence of beaches and charm of the night life.

Kemer means the azure of the sky, the turquoise of sea waters, the malachite greens of pines, silent and cozy gulfs, the silk of gold sandy beaches... The modern Kemer is a Turkish resort widely known all over the world, located 42 kilometers to the southwest of Antalya. It has absolutely everything necessary for a true high-grade recreation. This resort was planned and built with special carefulness not to disturb the natural harmony and beauty. It is concentrated around of tender turquoise waters of the Antalyan Gulf and the motley quay for yachts on the background of Tarossian mountains directed towards in the cloudless sky. Brisk bars, cozy restaurants, modern night clubs and the entertaining centers: these are the main components of recreation in Kemer. Here, you will not be bored even for a minute!

Karalakaya is a remarkable place of resort in Turkey, in which there is no sea or burning sun, but there is ideally pure snow and twenty kilometers of qualitatively equipped mountain skiing downhills of any degree of complexity. The mounting skiing resort is located in the center of a pine wood of the National park Keroglu 40 km to the southeast of Bolu, in mountains. The ski season lasts from the mid-December till April. The best time is from December 20th till March 20th. Here you may find eight average in complexity, but long enough ski , a slalom, and biathlon tracks for long distances. The height difference is 1800 - 2221 meters. 16 hoisting machines are operating. The resort may accommodate over 2 thousand persons simultaneously. As well as everywhere on Turkish mountain skiing resorts, they have their own downhills. On a resort you may find plenty of cafes located directly on the downhills.

Istanbul is the horizon full of domes and minarets... these are the characteristic cries of the sellers on eastern markets... these are spice and tea smells... these are colorful scarfs and paved roads. To visit Istanbul means to dip oneself into a sea of feelings and passions. Istanbul, being situated on the both banks of the Bosporus, appears as if a European and Asian city simultaneously, through which the waters of the Black sea flow to the Mediterranean through Bosporus, Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelless passage. The uniqueness of the geographical position of Istanbul can be described in the following way: it is an Asian city nearest to Europe, and a European city nearest to Asia. After its conquer by sultan Fatikh Mekhmed, Istanbul became the beginning of a new epoch, a capital of the powerful Ottoman Empire, of which the greatness plays with sun beams on spikes of the minarets even nowadays.

Uludar is a mountain skiing resort of Turkey with a developed infrastructure, mineral sources, shops and magnificent markets. Uludag is a luxurious and expensive resort, but even regardless of this, a trip is necessary to be planned in advance, as the price level is considerably lower than of European resorts of the same level. The season opens here at the end of November and lasts till the beginning of April. However, the best time for visiting Uludag is from the 20th dates of December and till the beginning of March. Though at this time, it is rather difficult to get here: all hotels and rest-houses of the resort are jam-packed, especially during holidays. Mountain skiing in Turkey is not a less popular type of recreation, which annually attracts for recreation to the East of the country thousands of tourists, at that mountain skiing resorts of Turkey are not worse at all than the Western European competitors.

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