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Maldives resorts

Maldives are a true paradise, an ideal place for full relaxation. A thousand of sandy isles forgotten in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, a place where the mad life of modern mega cities ceases to have any value, where silence, calmness and full unity with the nature are waiting for you.

The Maldive Islands is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The Maldive Archipelago consists of 26 atolls and is 700 km to the southwest of Sri Lanka and crosses the equator line. The total area is 90 thousand sq. km. Out of the 1 190 islands, only 200 are inhabited (the population is some 270 thousand persons), 87 islands are tourist resorts.

The Maldives are one of the best places in the world for diving with a mask and general diving. Here, for this purpose, everything exists: deserted islands, warm and crystal-clear waters with fine visibility sometimes exceeding 50 meters, a huge amount of reeves and a variety of sea inhabitants. On all the Maldive resorts there are centers of scuba diving, where a professional instructor speaking the main European languages, make studies for beginners and help to divers with a certain experience.

The scattered along the equator Maldive Islands are a true tropical paradise. These amazing islands have a fascinating nature, the richest underwater world, crystal-clear, absolutely transparent water, with a surprising beauty of coral reeves.

A sightseeing of the Maldives is the underwater empire of coral reeves with a fantastic coloring of the inhabitants. On Maldives you fully forget about the present, immersing into the space weaved of blue heavens, sand of color of snow and emerald water of unusual transparency

The atoll of Malley The small, densely populated island is located approximately in the center of the Maldive Archipelago and is interesting by the fact that the capital of the Maldive Islands is located there. The Isle of Male has only 2 km of length and 1 km of width, it is completely occupied by buildings, it is covered by roads, and consequently open places here are very scarce.

The Atoll of Malley is the capital of the Maldive Islands, and also the commercial and administrative centre. It is the most popular and brisk island in the Maldive Archipelago. Malley is a unique settlement which can be named a city. The Isle of Malley is located approximately in the center of the Maldive Archipelago.

Here there are no high buildings, and there is much more bicycles, than cars on the island. In Malley it is virtually impossible to get lost, all the streets lead to three big roads. There are a lot of hotels on the island. Each hotel has a pleasure boat, on which it is possible to go to a cruise inside the archipelago for several days.

In the capital you may find everything necessary to have in an Eastern city: mosques, the market, a bunch of shops with souvenirs, small cafes with exotic viands, and many other things.

The atoll of Ari The main occupation of population of the Atoll of Ari is hunting for turtles, manufacturing of sails, gathering and engraving of corals, but they also are excellent fishermen. It is so much fish here, that divers have nicknamed this resort zone the fish soup! On the atoll, cultivation of coconut palm trees is also well developed.

The length of the atoll is 96 km, and the width is 33 km. 26 islands of the atoll are resort zones, and 18 more islands are populated by the indigenous population. The nature here is fine and unique. In one place you may practically see all the flora and fauna of the seas and oceans!

The atoll of Malley is the main atoll of the archipelago. It includes 8 fishing islands and 27 islands-hotels. It is considered that the atoll of Malley is the most tourist-oriented place on the Maldive Islands. Here is located the capital Malley and the international airport Khulule with a runway directly into ocean and a small building of the terminal. Till the last moment you think that the plane lands directly into water. After leaving the plane, you will appear directly on a pier where you the well-known Maldive "dhona" are already waiting for you ready to deliver you to the capital or to any other island. The capital Malley is one of the smallest capitals in the world. Its area is only 1,8 sq. km. The island on which Malley is located has the length of only 2 km. There are no either buses, or cars to hire, and you will never feel a need for them. The whole island can be crossed in a half an hour.

The Baa Atoll The length of the Baa Atoll is 42 km with 32 km of width. The atoll consists of 10 inhabited and 41 deserted islands.

The Baa Atoll is situated 95-125 km from the international airport Khulule and the capital Malley.

The transfer on a seaplane makes 25-35 minutes On a high-speed boat it will take 2-2.5 hours.

Until recently, "Soneva Fushi" was the only resort on the atoll, but 4 uninhabited islands - Fonimagoodhoo, Kihaadhuffaru, Horubadhoo and Dhunikolhu, were allotted for construction of hotels. Recently, on island Dhunikolhu the hotel named "Coco Palm" was opened, and one more opening took place in December 2000, on the island of Horubadhoo of a 5* hotel "Royal Island".

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