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Miami resorts

Nowadays, these are one of the most fashionable resorts of the world. Here, private residences of the richest people of the planet, movie stars and financial tycoons are located. The city is quickly changing its face (especially the area of South Beach) and lays the claim to the right to refer to as the most prestigious city in the USA. Pure, golden sand on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the clean, azure sea, the tropical sun (in winter it is +20 to + 22 here, and in summer it is up to +40), discos till the morning, everything like cinema, only it is not cinema, it is reallife! New districts of the city, reconstruction of old districts, the pleasant friendly atmosphere reigning in streets, cultural programs and the bright sun all the year round make Miami a pleasant alternative to the noisy and business-oriented New York.

And, certainly, nothing can be compared with Miami Beach, a magnificent wide strip of snow-white sand of the length of 25 miles, washed with crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean. Through the Biscay Bay Miami is connected by bridges to the East suburbs of Miami Beach, where along the beach hotels, sanatoria, and motels for any tastes are located. In a hotel you may order any kind of meals: from breakfasts up to full boarding, outside of the hotel at your service are both the standard American fast-food (like McDonalds), and a set of restaurants of diversified national cuisines. Each part of the beach has specificity, depending on the people visiting it. The very district has a history on its own. Only a few people know that until recently Miami Beach was a peninsula, until the government made the decision to lay a waterway for passage of vessels to the Biscay Bay. Even earlier, there was only a small sand bar here. Today, Miami Beach has turned into a large center of tourist recreation. Each part of it is famous for something special. The heart of Miami Beach is the district Ocean Drive, from the Eastern part of which a sandy stripe of the city beach lies. The western part of Ocean Drive is like separated from the other city by a strip of numerous cafes and small restaurants. Quay Ocean Drive is a centre of all events. Here, you will see hotels in the art deco style, painted in vivid colors and lightened by dazzling fires, fashion restaurants in the style "al fresco", dark bars, cafes, where people play rock-and-roll. In the day and in the night everything on the quay is in motion. Here lived the deceased Gianni Versace, and his admirers and adorers still visit his house. In Miami you may find the best and the most beautiful pool in the world, which for a some reason is referred to as the Venetian pool. Here also, one of the best zoos in the world is located, and in the Park of Maximo Gomes you can always see picturesque small groups of the Cuban old men which are with enthusiasm playing dominoes. The solemn and amazing with its expression Memorial to victims of the Holocaust contrasts to the easy and light atmosphere of the city. Miami Beach represents mainly the Cuban cuisine, and the best Cuban restaurant here is considered to be "Versailles". The restaurant has a little bit overexpressive decor and reputation of a noisy institution, but do not be frightened with this: inside you may always find a quiet place. By the way, the most expensive dessert in "Versailles" costs only $2,75. Miami is not only a resort. Here, more and more conferences and exhibitions are held, and in the downtown of Miami well-known for its monorail road, new hotels, designed for businessmen, are constructed every year.

Art Deco. The center of the night life of Miami, located in the south of Miami Beach. This area consists of mainly small buildings constructed in the 1920th in the "modernist style" (here it is called "art deco") and considered national monuments. Here, the well-known fashion designer Versace was killed, here you may find the private residence which belonged to him. Natural reserve "Everglades" is the largest in Northern America boggy area in the damp subtropics, a paradise for rare plants and animals. Parrot Jungle. This is a park of exotic plants with lakes and falls, where live over 1100 tropic birds. Children will be delighted here from the site for the younger and lots of monkeys (here you may find more than 500 of them), and also playgrounds. Monkey Jungle. It is a tropical reserve, where monkeys live in their natural environment, and visitors are fenced from them by cage walls. The Lion Country safari. It is a zoo with animals living there in natural environment reproducing the landscapes of the Southern Africa. Tourists travel in the park in cars.
Police Museum. It is devoted to the policemen who died while fulfilling their duty. Here you may also find a guillotine, and a gas chamber, and an electric chair, on which it is popular to make photos.

Actually, there is one million of ways to perfectly spend time in Miami and its beach areas. Street entertainments allow to take pleasure to the full in the magnificent climate, and numerous museums will draw attention both of judges of art, and of curious students. The hall of glory of the American police, an ancient Spanish monastery, art galleries and a museum of modern art, the national Biscay underwater park, a zoo, Miami Seaquarium, famous for the water shows with participation of whales and dolphins, sharks and sea turtles... No it is not an coincidence that many Hollywood celebrities live here. They are experts in comfort and luxury. Take a risk to look at the world with their eyes!

Miami Hotels are magnificent irrespective of the number of stars. It is a general property of American hotels and resorts: improbable cleanliness, excellent service and ... safety. In the States you will never find hotel rooms without a shower or an air conditioner. And on the beach you will never come across a snag, a broken bottle or a nail: everything is carefully and, the main thing, continuously cleaned. If to you are bored in Miami, go to Clearwater. A silent and clean resort. It is located near St. Petersburg (do not confuse it with the namesake on the river Neva in Russia), on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Or to a chain of small resort towns to the north of Miami: West Palm Beach, Pampona Beach, Fort Lowaderdale, beloved by Europeans, among whom, for some reason, you may find lots of Finns. If a person likes the American quality even if he/she is a European, this person would go to have a rest in the States

Besides all the above, Miami attracts tourists as the capital of the world cruise business. There is a range of cruise companies sending tourists from Miami or from Fort Lowaderdale (40 kilometers from Miami) to short-term travels to the Bahamas or the Caribbean Isles, with a visit to Key West, to Nasau (the capital of the Bahamas), the Paradise Island (the island where Al Capone went to play), Mexico, Haiti.

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