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Spain resorts

Spain is a dream country, a mystery country, this is kindliness and hospitality. It is one of the cultural centers of Europe, with fine cities, ancient monuments, museums, roads laid far back by moors and Romans, the country with amazing variety. It is a unique country possessing unique color, formed by the peculiarities of geography, climate, history, the character of inhabitants: cheerful, talented and proud...

Spain is located in the southwest of Europe and occupies approximately 85% of the territory of the Iberian peninsula, and also the Balearic Islands and the Pitiusian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean.

The overall area of the country is 504.788 sq. km. Spain has land borders with France, Portugal, Andorra and the English colony Gibraltar. Under the control of Spain are Ceuta and Melilla (on the territory of Morocco) and the Veles de la the Homer Islands, Alusenas and Chafaranas. The territory of the country in the east and in the south is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the west, by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain is on the crossroads of important sea and air ways connecting Europe with the African and American continents. The most part of the country is covered by plateaus and mountain ridges, around of which plains and lowlands are located. Forests occupy only 10% of the territory of Spain. Spain is the most highland of Europe!

Capital Madrid, Language Spanish (Catalan, Galician, Basque) Religion catholic - 99% Population Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque Currency Euro

The best resorts of Spain

Barcelona is the ancient capital of Catalonia, the largest port on the Mediterranean Sea. The most brisk, most "European" city of Spain, of which inhabitants are known as amateurs of arts, especially music. Besides that, it is the most trading and industrial city of the country. The neighborhood of ancient buildings, palaces, churches and ultramodern structures, wide streets surrounded by plane trees and palm trees, and cozy areas represent an extremely original picture. Barcelona is a unity of the sea and mountains. Near to the sea, the mountain Montzhuik is located with the height of 173 meters above the sea level. From its top, an interesting view of the city is opened. Nowadays, Montzhuik represents one of the finest and biggest parks of the old continent, it is decorated by a fortress created in 1640. One of the main peculiarities of Barcelona dwellers is their passion to culture and gathering of collections, expositions. Since the Middle Ages, various collections were created in Barcelona, which became the basis of private establishments and museums, an expression of the creative spirit of city dwellers. Barcelona is proud for its museums, there are over 50 of them, and also numerous private collections.

Costa Brava is characterized by inaccessible rocks and cliffs, overgrown with Iberian pines and firs which alternate with magnificent bays and gulfs with beaches of white sand. The coast of Costa Brava is known for its ancient small towns, traditional Spanish songs and dances, picturesque and active markets, and also sincere hospitality of the local residents. Owing to the soft and sunny climate, fine beaches remain one of the most popular resorts in Europe. The beach season here opens in June and is over in October. Costa Brava has resorts for all tastes.

The coastal line of the isle of Majorca is distinguished by the most beautiful combination of extensive beaches extended for many kilometers, and the majestic rocky sea cliffs covered with pine trees both forming lonely bays and picturesque gulfs. Owing to the fertile Mediterranean climate, Majorca is one of the resorts visited by tourists the whole year round. Even in the mid-summer, you will never encounter excessively exhausting heat here, and the winter is distinguished by exclusive softness. The relative humidity is about 70% the whole year round, and in combination with the favorable temperature regime it makes for the invariable good state of health of visitors of the resort. Hotels are mainly concentrated along the coast well known for the wonderful sandy beaches and the crystal-clear transparent sea of amazing blueness. Majorca keeps balance between old traditions and the new and modern. This is an ideal place for unforgettable recreation and fantastic impressions, the unique atmosphere of romanticism will warm your soul and remain in your heart forever.

To the south of Barcelona, near to the ancient city of Tarragona, in the fertile climatic zone, the tourist capital of the coast Costa Daurada, resort Salou, is located. The brisk resort areas, which are stretched along the coast, in the north, end with picturesque cape La Pineda, and in the south, with the old fishing village Cambrils. The wide strip of magnificent beaches of soft white sand reaches along beautiful walking quay avenues with numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. Everywhere in the city you may find gastronomic institutions for all tastes, from simple cafes and pizza houses to various exotic bars and magnificent restaurants. The brisk night life of the resort takes place in various discos, dance halls, musical cafes and bars. From the city port you may make fascinating walks along the coast in tourist boats daily sailing to Tarragona, Cambrils and in other nearby resort centers. Only several kilometers from the city there is the well-known Spanish entertainment park: Port Aventura, the second-largest entertainment park in Europe, where during one day visitors may see five countries of Europe, Asia and America in different epochs.

Tenerife is the "island of eternal spring" the biggest and the most attended island by tourists from all islands making up the Canary Archipelago. Majestic mountain chains and fertile valleys, dense tropical and subtropical forests and volcanic semideserts, mountain gorges and sandy dunes: all contrasts of nature have found their reflection in the landscape of the island. Tenerife is 2 000 sq. km of different landscapes, where you may find a place for both numerous beaches, and abrupt cliffs, green valleys, and the frozen streams of volcanic lava. Here you may find the highest point of Spain, Peak Teide, height 3 718 m: it is a sleeping volcano, the top of which are always snowy. On the island, eternal spring and good weather reigns. The geographical location of Tenerife, and also the influence of some favorable factors, maintain warm temperature the whole year round. In the winter, it is not cold here, and in the summer it is never suffocating and not too hot. Here have a rest a lot of young people (clubs and discos are numerous), and also families with children, since many hotels have children animation and mini-clubs. Cordiality is one of the main traits of inhabitants of Tenerife. As in big industrial cities and tourist centers, and in villages with white small houses and wooden balconies, forgotten between mountains, the wanderer will always be surrounded by fine nature and heart.

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